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Just a smileOr a good natured grinIs all I needTo make my day splendid.
But I detest companyWant to be left alone.All my life,I’ve wanted to grow olderSo I can finally be free.
It gladdens my heartAnd excites my soulThe long conversationsI have with myself
Moving through the jungle of peopleScanning for a homely faceLike looking in a haystack for a needleThis is not my place
But there’s a day comingThat I will be surrounded by friends and familyBut 6 ft deep in the soilAlone, isolated and separated foreverMy eternal dream of solitude
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G2H Physics

EACOED Model High School, Isokun, was and is still one of the best schools in Oyo town. Among the best in Oyo State. I am not writing this because I'm an alumnus but because it's the truth. Conducive environment, qualified and certified teachers, brilliant students, well equipped laboratories, well stocked library, amazing hostel facilities (albeit debatable) and lots more. This is not an advertisement for the school, so let me just get on with my story. This one is about Mr. Adenigba, my physics teacher, and the last time I cried in secondary school. This story is about the moment I shut my brain to physics. Senior Secondary School 1 (SS 1), first term. The incident occurred in the morning and it should be first or second period, can't recall exactly when. He walked in the class and announced the topic of the day was "motion". "He" being Mr. Adenigba (Also Pastor Adenigba). For those people who understand a little bit about machines, you'd know …


If you're reading this then it's too late to stop me. Reading this means my last posts has gone viral. Some will judge me and call me dangerous and a criminal. Others might say I need a psychiatrist. Others might just say I'm a gratified arsonist. Whichever one you choose to believe, you can't hurt me anymore. It has been a while that I have been feeling high on fire and burning things. Burning things always had a way of soothing my mind and easing my pains. And I have to tell you, it had that effect almost till the end. If you're reading this, then it means my last stunt was successful. It means that I found the ultimate "high" and I stopped lighting things on fire. From rats to cats, from individual to plants to small farms. I have a long list of things I've watched burn. Things that turned to ashes before my eyes. I got the idea for my last stunt from a video I watched online. YouTube have a vast collection of burning things, from little prank fi…


I have always marveled at the beauty of fire. The way things radiate when burning. The movement of the flames always look beautiful. Fire is sexy and I derive pleasure in watching things burn. The smooth way in which the flames engulf objects is amazing and fire never burns the same. Fire is beautiful, unpredictable and beautiful. Fire cleanse, it removes impurities. I started lighting things up for fun when I was a teenager, the exact age of which I could not remember now. I remembered the time I failed a test, I went back home and brought out a box of matches and lit the test scripts on fire. The joy I felt when the papers burnt erased the sorrow of failing the test. And the climax came when the score burnt. 62/70 looked beautiful when the flame erased the terrible score. Fire erase imperfections. After that incident, I just need to find reason to light things up. When I am happy, I start a fire.
When sad, that is a reason to start fire. Anytime I feel depressed, the smell of burni…

Keys and Strings

Astonished I amBy thine comely graceLush green leaves swaying in the breezeAll hang their apex in jealousyWhen you walk byThe midday sun is it as hotAs your cool beauty.
Awesomeness is your birthrightOmidan,ArẹwàỌmọge míì.I don't know how to play the harpI'd have sing to youWith the strings.And I can't play the pianoI'd have made you blushWith the keys.
All I know is linesI hope my lines are strong enoughTo reel you in.To me,Mine and mine alone.There is love in sharing,But I can't share my love.I'm the sole proprietor here. 
Ridwan Akinkunmi Àjàgbé.Abu Marwan (Sophocles) 

The Special One

Like Jose MourinhoYou're The Special One.Unlike Mourinho,You've never let me down.
Like Romelu Lukaku,You're heavy in my heart.Unlike Lukaku.Your shots always find their target,My heart!
Like Juan MataYou're the "Juan"The one that matters!Unlike Mata,You can never be benched.
Like David De Gea,You're the best keeper in the world.Unlike De Gea,You have the strongest defense.
Like Antonio Valencia,You're strong in the tackleWhenever I attack you.Unlike Valencia,You know all the way to my heart,Not just one.
Like Ashley Young,You don't just want to get old.Unlike Young,You get better with time,Like the fine wine you are.
Like Lingard,You look younger than you are.Unlike Lingard,You perform extremely betterThan it seems.
Like Paul Pogba,You add variety, flair and styleTo my life.Unlike Pogba,You do it consistently and without backlash.Nor getting injured when it matters
Like Manchester United,You're one of the best women I've ever met.Unlike United,Yo…

Stranger In The Night #2

let me tell you a storycome one come alland listen to my tale of lovewith a little pinch of suspense.
i met a stranger in the nighton a rather dark nighti couldn't put a name nor a face to her.
but mesmerized i wasby her melodious voiceall i ever heard her utterwas ''good evening''
three days latermy stranger in the nightcame back againat night.
a friend of minewalked up to herand told her about my poem,my affections for the stranger without a namenor face.
walking up to her with the little courage i can muster"can i put a name to the face" i asked
and yes!i've seen the face.and it made my heart picking a racebeating erratically against my chest.running without rest.
she is what you call "An Angel"ebony of utmost perfectionblack clad beauty.the best of presents are best covered.An ideal muslimahwith the perfect mix of humility,beauty and calm.
my stranger in the night went homebut she is no more a strangerwe meet to part, but we also part to meet.he…

Stranger In The Night

Half moon lurking in the skyBut still dark,That I can't see your eyes.But I heard your voice."Good evening" she saidAnd that got me high
Ebony beauty clad in blackStill can't see your faceBut I heard your voice.I fell totally for youStill can't see in the dark.
"Can I know her name"I muttered to myselfStill too dark to see her faceBut I'm gone.I fell in love with a strangerWithout a nameAnd without a face. 

No love

I found it, I brought it closer...I saw her,And I sold my soul to the devil to get her...Now I have no soul...Or emotions..To love her

From Me To You

From the darkest corner of my mind,To the holiest part of my brainYour name shines brightest.I have a cold heart but it warms upAt the sight of your smile.
I can't say it quite oftenBut be informed todayThat the only things constant in lifeAre your beautyAnd my love for you.
I fall asleepThinking of youAnd the first thingOn my mind as I wake upIs you!
Not the richestNor smartest man around,But all my richesAnd my intelligence,Is meant for you.
Take me on a cruise of loveAnd let's sail away,Just you and IOn a quest of discovery.To be together with you forever.!
My ebony coated Angel!Amazing and beautiful diamond,Soft like velvetGentle as a dove.My lady-Einstein.
Like a gentleman, I'm on my knees Asking politely and calmly, "Oh maiden of magical beauty" I give you my heart "would you please love me back?"